Yamuna Nadhamuni: follow your intuition (torch)

Founder and formulator of Blush Organic Cosmetics

What are you most passionate about and what drives you?

I am very much passionate about of how to prolonging the ageing process in an unique way for me as well as for those who wants to look younger than their stated age at least 10 years back from now with using my organic skin and hair care products.  Grooming itself both mind and body (inside n outside) leads to self love, self respect, self confidence, in turn may lead to higher conscious level.  With these feelings, I am capable to take care of both my household as well as my entrepreneurial activities done relentlessly, meticulously, efficiently that drives me to handle n face hurdles , obstacles boldly date come in my way smoothly n successfully.

What have you been your personal challenges and how they have defined you?

Due to stressful corporate job n due to disc protrusion with right wrist displaced fracture in the year 2018, I decided to shift from pressure to pleasure of doing something of my own; that way I started in the name of Blush organic cosmetics, but it was not that easy to put everything into action of how I imagined.   Though my family supported and encouraged me, I had to face small small challenges to  reach people the worth and effect of using it since people will not trust unless it reach their mind and the urge of buying my product.  These challenges helped me to never give up and gave me extra courage n confidence that i should achieve something unique.  That way I am now a manufacturer who is able to increase from 1 to 12 products in 2 years time, though I have to do lot more in future.

How have professional networks empowered you? 

Professional networking played a lead role to spread, promote my minuscule business to next level.  Through SEO, Google helped me a lot by making people approach my website www. blushorganiccosmetics.in

as well as also I conduct group meetings like zoom meet where I do a demonstration of my products of how it works so that they will visualize the effect of using my products, so that way it empowered me a lot.

Who are your role models and why?

My mother is a role model. she used to groom me when I was too young using her own kitchen ingredient since I was midway between dark and wheatish complexion.  With her given hope and courage, I left my corporate job, shifted to my passionate business which is going very successfully and that way I would like to show my gratitude saying that behind every successful woman there is a woman 🙏🏼.

What is work life balance mean to you?

It is true that women is capable of multitasking meticulously and efficiently.  According to me, self love and self motivation helps me to balance work life situations that comes when our mind and body is coherent to each other and that comes with keeping ourselves fit by doing whichever we feel is passionate about whether it is meditation or any form of aerobic activities that will help to focus and balance both sides with no compromises if we follow above regimen diligently n delightfully.

How would you like the community at SHEeconomy to help you?

I am very proud to be part of the elite community, SHEeconomy.  SHEeconomy is trying its level best for women empowerment and it is doing the bestest by voluntarily trying to help and support women entrepreneurs. SHEeconomy is ready to help me in spreading and lifting my business to next level. The only thing is I should be ready to receive it. Appreciate the selfless service of Dr. Harbeen sister, creator of wonderful community.

What would you like to share with the SHEeconomy community?

The creator of the milky way galaxy, universe is miracle, the creations are miracle, and the creations could do miracles through hard work and blessings of the creator.  Everything is possible with intent+ effort = Grace.  Since women are mentally strong, I would say, we are the stronger sex. A strong mind can and should do anything and everything in a constructive and productive way without wasting her capabilities as a source with full of energies.