Tania Castilho: Be independent

Founder / Director Of InPassion Coaching, Isness Mentor, Bestselling Author and Inspirer 

What are you most passionate about and what drives you? 

My greatest passion is to live a divinely human life in complete coherence and equanimity. Therefore, what drives me is in fact not being driven by outside circumstances, hopes, dreams and expectations but rather living in absolute surrender to my Essence, following my heart’s wisdom and sharing it through word, thought and deed, be it in complete silence or in written or spoken expression.

What have been your personal challenges and how have they defined you?

Coming from a background of entrepreneurs, I was challenged from a very early age to perform at high standards and to be independent. This lead me to work hard and achieve great success but also to experience a huge imbalance between my outside world and my inner landscape. I lived a stressful, highly charged life, where time was always lacking and overworking was normal, yet, I felt empty inside. 

This lead me to dive deep within to find the cause of my painful emptiness and thus my journey of self-discovery began. I was faced with the darkest facets of myself through painful relationships, challenging financial and health issues, literally driving myself against the wall and leaving no choice but to let go of the illusion of being in control and embracing my Soul’s wise guidance, which surely and gently got me out of all of my ordeals and into an exquisitely beautiful life. This is what I share through my work and Presence, by holding a Safe Space for the reunion of Human and Divine for all who wish to allow this for themselves, in each compassionate breath. 

I believe in walking my talk and what I share is what I am. No more. No less. In ease and simplicity. With grace and profound gratitude. 

I could go into many details about my past ordeals but I choose to keep the focus of this sharing on the life I live now, rather than the one that lead me to it for everyone has their own personal challenges and those will be the ones that will drive the inner calling for a strong enough choice to realize this life does not have to be riddled with suffering in order to be worthy. Much on the contrary. Our worthiness is determined by the fact that we are alive and here. 

There is no greater gift we can offer the world than to allow ourselves to become aware that we are only victims of circumstances until we realize we are co-creators of our reality. 

Then we can begin to unravel our hidden self and become conscious, accountable, whole human beings that offer themselves to the world in the same measure as they receive the bounty of their inner treasures. 

How have professional networks empowered you?

Professional networks have been very valuable for me, mainly in terms of human connections that have been long-lasting and provided numerous avenues of cooperation, both in social entrepreneurship and in the self-development field. 

Who are your role models and why?

My role model was a lady that passed away last year called Norma Delaney, the Doctor of Breath. With her I learnt how to breathe myself back Home into my wholeness and she has been my example of living from the inside out and manifesting a life of blissful contentment that is possible for anyone who commits to the massive change this requires, transforming belief system, letting go of illusions and old patterns and calling all of the unloved parts of us back into our oneness, where compassion is an everlasting radiating sun that warms even the most frozen aspects of human experience. 

Dr Harbeen Arora is also a role model of equanimity, generosity, wisdom and determination and with her I have learnt to remain firm in my knowingness and to radiate it no matter where, no matter what. She is a passionate driver of cooperation, solidarity and transformation through her inspiring presence and example and I am deeply honoured to have her in my life. 

What does Work-Life Balance mean to you ?

For me there is no such thing as Work-Life Balance really, since work must be such a joy that it is an intrinsic part of our daily lives in an effortless flow that blends our time for ourselves with our time for others in harmony. Respecting our time, the preciousness of each breath, the honour of being alive, in this body, in this moment are all essential keys to live a balanced life in all areas and work is no more or less relevant than any other area of our conscious creative awareness. When approaching life from an inner space of reunion, of oneness, there is no separation between work and life. Work is simply a result of living life in full gratitude and with endless love. 

Today a friend of mine shared a new acronym for the word JOB with me: Joy of Being. This sums up my point of view and experience pretty well. 

How would you like the community at SHEconomy to help you?

The SHEconomy community helps me by its very existence. I have no specific requests as the purpose of the community in itself creates change in the world and that is something that fills my heart. Through SHEconomy I know I can find valuable products, people and resources when needed. 

What would you like to share with the SHEconomy community?

What I have to share with the SHEconomy community is my peaceful presence, even in silence and mostly in the background, holding a safe space, which is a little recognized and much needed service in the busy world we live in. I am available for anyone to reach out to me about achieving this peaceful presence within themselves and creating more and more avenues of oneness where competition disappears completely and cooperation is the main rule of thumb in all interactions.