Sanjhna Nayarr: Celebrating life- my passion

Founder, Safroneya Holistic Wellbeing Centre

What are you most passionate about and what drives you?

I am most passionate about life and that drives me.  That’s why I celebrate life every second by writing and my psyching reading services through my divination tools. Connecting with the beautiful nature, the musical and mystical universe is learning in itself.  That’s why it’s my endeavour to bring smile on one face at least every day. It keeps me going on my life journey.

What have been your personal challenges and how have they defined you?

My journey was an unexpected one.  When destiny chose me to accept my gift and contribute to the world, I was hesitant because of my lack of confidence and fear of failure, more than anything the fear of judgment. Because, I represented my husband and his family mainly. Making this spiritual decision and shift resulted in massive joggle in my life.

I personally believe, when life happens or hits you hard, it’s only you who can pick you up and drag you back on the reality track. When there is rejection outside, you find acceptance within. If there’s hatred outside, you must find love within. I chose myself over my set and expected image in the society. My only strength was my family. They stood by me through the thick and thin of my life challenges. They continue to shower their blessings and support. These challenges helped me evolve as a stronger and mature human being.

How have professional networks empowered you?

Networking with the professional world has certainly been empowering and enlightening because this is such a revered medium to connect with all kinds of people. Being around positive and motivating people helps connecting with myself better. Networking has helped me with increased confidence levels, self development and most importantly getting better clientele. It’s an experience in itself. Motivated and happy people make happy work culture. It helps me more than anything to rise from antagonisms.

Who are your role models and why?

My parents for giving me my teaching and the very upbringing, which I take pride in and definitely children because their innocence is pure, inspiring and educating.

What does Work-Life Balance mean to you?

Work- Life balance makes me visualize an alarm clock. Because if you have to think about this balance there is some drastic changes you need to make in your life or working style. To me any profession should make one happy, contented and alive. If one understands one’s life purpose even while working at the corporate, one can do wonders. So Work- Life balance to me is about recognizing one’s life purpose.

How would you like the community at SHEconomy to help you?

SHEconomy will be a great platform for me and my dream and passion SAFRONEYA to reach out to a bigger audience and clientele with marketing and advertising help.

What would you like to share with the SHEconomy community?

Union with oneself should be the prerequisite to recognizing and realizing of dreams. So dear soul sisters Dream big and stay grounded and connected. Safroneya is happy to be with such inspiring team. It’s my motto to help, heal and guide people and specially my fellow women to rise above any limitation making their lives better by means of various divination tools, runes, tarot, angel healing, crystal and energy healing. Safroneya also helps Corporate with assessing character prior to employing any fresh candidate for job through hand writing analysis. The use of 7 chakra theory in the corporate work culture will enhance the overall happiness quotient hence the productivity of the company.

Safroneya would like to share methods to work upon the inner engineering be it for an individual or any organization.