Pushpa vaghela: unconditional love for all

Founder of Leaders By Design

What are you most passionate about and what drives you?

I have 3 organisations : 

1. Leaders By Design

In 2020 when the world was isolated I developed over 100,000 leaders. As an expert on training Ancient leadership principles in a modern context, I inspire Leadership that ignites transformation. Too many Women continue to deny themselves to even dream of becoming successful. They postpone their success, happiness, and deep inner fulfilment because they fear developing their leadership skills.

Ancient Leadership Wisdom practices in a Modern context became my mission. The more I was opposed the more her energy found expression and I shared this critical value in all her teachings. It’s a proven contributor to building strong Self Leadership, with increased Discipline, Confidence, and Focus, enabling Women to create success in their chosen fields in life. And driving performance by aligning women and their purpose.

All my work is done via our Coaching & Mentoring, Speaking events, and Workshops.

2. The Women’s Mentoring Foundation Ltd – Charity

WHAT – The Women’s Mentoring Foundation (WMF) helps Women heal from hurt, distress, grief and trauma experienced in their life. We support Women in building their Self-leadership through increasing Confidence, focus, and better mental, emotional and social health.
HOW – We do this with the aid of our GriefShare, Hurting from Healing, Self-Development, and Leadership programs, Speaking engagements, Therapies and various events held throughout the year. Click here to book or find our more about our speaking engagements on offer.
WHY – To enrich, add value by supporting the healing process and provide access to resources to help improve and contribute to the prevention of suicide and mental breakdown.

VISION – A world where women of all backgrounds see, feel and experience the opportunity to be personally successful.

MISSION – To lead, support and help women take action to create a successful business and life for themselves.

We welcome women to their new beginning, the start of their transformation from hurting to healing (following any trauma), to the life they’ve dreamt of living but seemed impossible! Something which they can only do once the recovery process starts – and that can only happen at a deep inner level, having travelled the excruciating painful journey myself.  

3. Pushpa Vaghela

Helping Women start up new and grow established businesses. Because Women deserve to be financially independent and live the lifestyle they desire. Every Woman deserves an opportunity to be successful, be happy and grow in their Self Leadership.

What have been your personal challenges and how have they defined you?

I witnessed, whilst going through my own personal painful challenges and in my times of vulnerability, that many women fell through the cracks in times of distress, because of weak systems, obstacles, limited knowledge in knowing who/where/how to contact confidential services. This caused even more distress to women and myself who already had limited coping mechanisms during their sensitive, abusive and defenceless conditions. I lost my inheritance not once, or twice, but three times, because I trusted my loved ones and had no boundaries, I believed that they would always be there for me. Homelessness, pained by the ultimate betrayal, living in my car, living on sheltered food, having nearly lost my life twice and blind faith in my higher purpose kept me going up and forward. 

I have travelled 7 despairing dark times in my lifetime from the age of 10, where others would have stayed broken and at rock bottom. The more I was opposed, abused, ridiculed. Shamed, crushed, especially by those who were my closest and dearest  the more my energy found expression, especially to serve as an inspiration to all those who wanted to attain success in their respective fields. Despite that and having all those I had ever known go against me, including my own, I still found the inner strength within me, which I did not understand at the time. To get up, shake the dirt off and continue doing all that I could in the best way possible.

I felt that many times, even though I was living my calling, I wanted to avoid it because I knew what was coming!

My Life’s journey saw me wanting to take many different paths at different stages in life, but my creator had other plans. I tried my best, especially during the horrific, dark distressing and incomprehensible instances,

I decided so often to renounce it all and live a life for just me, for God and my children, because I wanted to, and I knew I could easily have lived a renounced life without any challenges, as I believe I had been blessed with a deep spiritual intuition and my parents were told the same. 

How have professional networks empowered you?

Professional networking has allowed me to reach more people and has allowed me to share my  message as per below, which have inspired many and contributed to my purpose in reaching more women and supporting them in their life’s journey

Pushpa is not in Business, she is on a mission for her calling and purpose.  

Leaders with exceptional influential qualities, have always Started with their Self Leadership, then leading Others, Teams and Organisations. Pushpa has shaped more than 100,000 leaders worldwide, Worked with people from all walks of life and professions, Enhanced Leaders capabilities generating outstanding outcomes.

A go-to name for government, conference planners, corporate, multicultural groups, delegates, stakeholders, executives and navigate change in culture.

Participants take home new perspectives for making lasting behavioural changes

A trusted high-stake facilitator, panel moderator and Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Pushpa believes successful leadership is available to all who are willing to make a conscious choice to develop their abilities and become high performing magnets, with high values, strong authentic beliefs, and a determination that does not know Failure.

Pushpa delivers powerful psychological lessons that have helped individuals become empowered, businesses grow, and organisations create high value loyal customers by driving highly engaged teams.

Pushpa dedicatedly serves with deeming that a leader is most effective when they understand how to blend vision and courage with humility and compassion.

Pushpa thank you for all your Sales and Leadership training for our Sisters in Business research projects, you have inspired us with your four pillars and are taking action for our long-term sustainable growth’ Griffith University.

She provides simple yet powerful solutions to the complex world of leadership and people dynamics. As a Woman, Mother, Director, Accountant, Neuro Therapist, Keynote Speaker, & Author, Pushpa embraces it with a sense of duty to bring out greatness in others, to help Women leaders from all walks of life, inspire them to transform their lives, to then compound this value add and share with others.’

Who are your role models and why?

Ancient wisdom, Principles from holy scriptures, and teachings that have been forgotten. 


Even though I had an awakening at an early age and felt I was strongly detached enough to continue living in the secular world, where there were no boundaries to my unconditional love for all, I found it very thought-provoking. Since the age of 10, I was tired, confused and found it hard to understand the rejection, numerous deaths from a very young age, mum, dad, husband, child, and I found it hard to accept the cruelty of people’s behaviours, destruction and witnessing all those who had ever crossed my path turn their back on my children and myself in times of our greatest need, repeatedly and more so over the last 18 months.

Through this journey of life, I have had many distinctions with the blessings of great masters, specifically for my Leadership calling and with this wisdom and knowledge, I qualified seven distinct points from my own personal experiences, studies in ancient leadership qualities and from the diverse characteristics of Leaders.

When I spent time at the monasteries, it was for this specific reason, that if I were to spend life in the world outside of my safe zones of faith, where I was at peace and love, I had to overcome any wandering thoughts and get my mindfulness to be in sync and one with my heart soul, senses, chakras, energy, and spirit.

To help you better understand, even though I wanted to renounce everything and as often as I tried to move away, the message I kept getting was Leadership, in the material world with a difference and it was firmly conveyed, you can still practice your renunciation no matter where you teach from, including the secular world. 

What does Work-Life Balance mean to you?

Contentment within at all times, unconditional love starting with the Self, strong selfless leadership and minimal expectations.

How would you like the community at SHEconomy to help you?

Thank you SHEconomy. I would be grateful if you would help me to support, connect and reach even more Women. For healing, saving and to support them from the traumas they may have faced or are going through.  These can be stay at home parents, professionals, business entrepreneurs, young and old. I know we can make a difference for the betterment. 

Also, I would appreciate your support in securing Speaking engagements globally, enabling me to share our message, purpose and calling. To teach peak performance leadership, starting with the Self, Team, Others and Organisations for young girls and women.

What would you like to share with the SHEconomy community?

I would love to share all my skills and gifts that I have been blessed with, including resources from my Accounting, Tax, Coaching, Mental, Emotional & Social well being, Clinical Neuro Therapies, Business and Entrepreneurial background and experiences.

Please let me know how I can support SHEconomy’s community and women in general around the world.