Melvinia Ford: That’s Not You Anymore

Founder of ReBirth Holistic Healing, Behavioral Health Specialist

What are you most passionate about and what drives you?

I am passionate about the heart of women with regards to strength and encouragement.  I help women to see their own potential inside and help them find their own voice to walk their true path, and not one based on another’s vision.  I have been working with women and young ladies since 2011 and my goal is to help them to heal from their past and use it to catapult her into her divine destiny by walking in love toward herself first, then to others. 

What have been your personal challenges and how have they defined you?

The biggest challenges in my life were to learn how to forgive myself of my past mistakes and decisions that I made, as well as forgive others for things that have happened to me by them.  Lastly, to learn how to listen to my own intuition, learn to say no and follow my own path.  This was a 20-year healing process and I am grateful for the journey. 

How have professional networks empowered you?

Network has helped me to realize my own true worth, as well as gain the knowledge of creating my own business and counseling practice to not help myself but others as well. 

Who are your role models and why?

There are so many to name throughout my life beginning with my mother Katherine Delores Ford, whom if it weren’t for her, I would not be her.  Her strength even though she passed when I was 3 years old has stayed with me and I know she lives through me.  My grandmother, Eva Ruth Turner who has also passed on, would be another strong role model.  She did what she knew to do to keep her family together and at peace the best she could.  She was a great source of quiet strength and wisdom.

What does Work-Life Balance mean to you?

I learned a saying from dear friend that told me, not to bring work home, and do not bring home your work. To me that means, when my workday is finished, leave it there and when it’s time to go into work mode, let home life stay at home.  So, for me to do it, I would trick my mind to forget what has happened to focus on my now moment. 

How would you like the community at SHEconomy to help you?

I would love to connect with other women worldwide with the common goal of empowerment and encouragement and equality for all women.  I would love to help all women succeed on their journey.

What would you like to share with the SHEconomy community?

I would love to share anything that is within in the vision and mission of SHEconomy.  Whatever is needed to create a positive impact globally for all women.