Founder of Mindfulness with a Purpose/Mindfulness Coach/ Spiritual Coach/Energy Healer/Public Speaker/Science Teacher

What are you most passionate about and what drives you?

I am most passionate about encouraging, motivating and empowering women globally to get in touch and activate their inner power, to gain unlimited confidence and to live a mindful and balanced life.

What have been your personal challenges and how have they defined you?

My personal challenges have been my stepping stones to prepare for who I am today. First the loss of my 3 brothers and my 2 parents.

  • Death tough me how to be compassionate towards people’s pain, loss, and grief. It taught me how to give hope and support to overcome things that are out of our control.
  • Leaving Albania and coming in America without speaking English, walking into an unknown life, tradition and adapting new mindset. From third world countries to the country of freedom. It helped me to understand if you want to be the change make the changes. Nothing can stop you beside yourself. Never give up.
  • Divorce- When things don’t work out and don’t serve you anymore, let it go. Divorce helped me to understand how important is to love yourself, get your confidence back, and start over again with a positive attitude and mindset.
  • Being a mother and teacher. The best success in my life is being the mother of my wonderful daughter Kristina. Being a good sister and a caring and helpful teacher. Motherhood and teaching children showed me how important is to give unconditional love, care and kindness because you as an adult can prepare the path to walk stronger together in the future.
  • Being a leader- Follow your passion and purpose, be a light for others, follow your vision and empower others women globally. I am proud to be the Founder of Mindfulness with a Purpose.

How have professional networks empowered you?

Joining many networks has been a blessing for me, they have provided connections with other women that encounter similar struggles while still creating a diverse enough environment for personal and professional growth. I have found many role models, mentors, friends and business partners.

Who are your role models and why?

My mother, my sister, my daughter, Mother Theresa, Oprah Winfrey and every woman. Because each one of them is a part of me, together as one we represent, uplift and empower each other to reach our destination and leave a mark in this world.

What does Work-Life Balance mean to you?

Maintaining Work -Life Balance helps reduce stress, overwhelming feelings, preventing burnout in the workplace and maintaining a positive mindset. It raises your energy, vibration, joy and happiness.

How would you like the community at SHEconomy to help you?

Connecting with a bigger platform and sharing values, gifts, skills and friendship is what I am looking to gain and share with others.

What would you like to share with the SHEconomy community?

As a science teacher with 30 year of experience I want to help our youth and parents how to raise confident, smart and successful children. As a mindfulness and Spiritual coach and public speaker I want to share my program, healing sessions, chakra balancing tools and techniques to help women how to heal, raise their energy and vibration how to align with core values, to identify strengths, develop them, and identify personal and professional goals. I believe in you.