Dhanashri Kale: challenges are part and parcel of life


What are you most passionate about and what drives you?

I am passionate about my work or I would say whatever I do on a personal or professional front. I am a Pharmacist by profession and worked in various Pharmaceutical companies like Dr. Reddys, Glenmark, Emcure Pharma, Banner  Pharmacaps  for almost 24 years. I worked in various fields like research and Development, Project Management and Regulatory affairs. Now I started my own business into export with the motto to help Farmers get global presence for their commodities and also to foreign currency for our country.  

I want to be busy throughout my life being useful to society and creating a lot of entrepreneurs and helping as many as possible, families to lead established lives – this is what drives me. 

What have been your personal challenges and how have they defined you?

I feel challenges are part and parcel of life. It brings spice to our life. So I keep on doing my work and challenges no more seem to be challenges. I still feel, change of job oriented mind set to a business mindset is a big challenge to me which I am trying to overcome by implementing a lot many changes. 

How have professional networks empowered you?

Professional network is very important for the success of any business. Professional networks help to get business by connecting with the right people. Dealing with people, their emotions is very important.

Who are your role models and why?

Prime minister – Shri Narendra Modi is my Role Model. I feel his connection with people, his communication skills, representing our country across the globe, Zeal for work, decision making capacity, energy, enthusiastic ness and simple life makes him a great leader across the globe.  

What does Work-Life Balance mean to you?

My Work is like a hobby of mine and hence it’s no more a work for me.  My passionately working for various projects makes me lively and life becomes simple and easy. 

How would you like the community at SHEconomy to help you?

I would like SHEconomy to help me in promoting my business on social media and to connect with people across the globe which would be helpful for me to expand my business. Also need to have help in connecting with government bodies to get sorted out the challenges in export of perishable goods. 

What would you like to share with the SHEconomy community?

Consistently working for goals by completing small steps, definitely would lead to a successful business.  Consistency, Patience,  Persistance  and Execution with right thoughtful strategies would be something one need to follow is what I feel.