Apaiksha kalari: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT

Founder at Projoy Probiotic Foods, Incubated at NSRCEL / IIMB / IIMV-FIELD

Snigdha Binaykia: Live the moment

Founder, Curator & Writer – Oyl & The Indian Irish

Batoul Yousef Salman: “To Be Or not to Be” Be the Soul of Your Nation

Senior of Translation, Cultural Consultancy and Exam Quality Assurance,Kingston Business Academy MENA.IEUK,National Representative and Cultural Consultant, Chair of Aleph Academy,Syria, Founder of Aleph women empowerment campaign, Syrian Business woman.
Program director of Accredited Translation in MENA, Program Director “Technology of Teaching” Founder of TESOL Campaign,MENA, Program Director of Culture Language and Borders. Honary member of many charitable organizations in Syria.

Melvinia Ford: That’s Not You Anymore

Founder of ReBirth Holistic Healing, Behavioral Health Specialist